Embracing Change: 5 Things About Menopause 


Just like anything new, menopause can be a little daunting when you haven’t yet gone through this part of your journey. Here are 5 things you should know. 

 1. You may crave more food Estrogen regulates and balances metabolism. During menopause the production of estrogen stops, resulting in what may be an increased appetite. Be sure to stock up on healthy snacks and food. 

 2. Prioritise self-care Changes in your hormones may cause you to have feelings of anxiety, stress or even depression too. During this time women have found it helpful to keep up to date with menopause blogs, practice mindfulness and do more of what they love. 

 3. It can happen earlier than you think Whilst the common age for menopause is 51 years old, it can begin as earlier; 1% of women under the age of 40 and 0.1% of women under 30. 

 4. HRT isn't the only answer Hormonal replacement therapy isn't the only option available to you. Maintaining a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruit, as well as ensuring you have a good sleep routine can be beneficial - that means no more scrolling in bed! 

 5. Get the right support Although menopause can be a difficult transition, it's important to remember that it's a natural and temporary part of aging. With the right support you can tackle its symptoms head on. We recommend trying TOCU Super Women. The vitamin patches delivers a carefully formulated natural blend of Valerian, Blue Skullcap, Gotu Kola and more to to support women’s health through menopause, from supporting hormonal balance to helping tackle menopausal hot flushes and libido.