Emma Knowles’ 101 Guide To Crystals


Here is a complete guide to crystals by none other than our favourite crystal whisperer, Emma Knowles. Let the magic happen!


Crystals have been popular for years, decades, centuries and periods. As an example, hematite was used by the ancient Egyptians as mirrors! We’ve been decorating goblets and all things regal with them for centuries and now they’re just so accessible. This on demand culture has definitely brought us one great thing here – we can lay our hands on crystals at the click of a button (although it’s not my preferred way to do it) and we can use them in so so many ways.

Some Science

In science, crystals have their place there for sure. I’ll lean into an Einstein quote here, “Everything is energy and that is all there is to it.” Crystals are formed based on environment, pressure, temperature, science, and in terms of their healing properties, I think we’re just scratching the surface of what these beauties can do. Tribes and religions have been holding their secrets at heart for years…

Their Vibration

Everything in life is energy and these precious stones, just like us, are no different. When we feel ‘off’ our energy swings ‘out of balance’. For me, in a crystal healing session or in meditation, these beautiful formations ‘vibrate’ at a frequency heard by our own calling. Energetically we reach out for what we need - be it the colour of the stone, the feel of the stone or what we’ve learnt about the stone.

In session & personal use

In a sesssion, we lay the crystals along the key chakra line of the body to aid in balancing our energy field. We also have chakra/energy points in our hands and I find these points (as well as the third eye – point between eye brows) most effective when I am starting therapy with a ‘beginner’. The sensations here so effective you can’t really allow your ego to attribute the buzz and heaviness of hands to any form of placebo effect.  

In a personal setting, I literally have them everywhere and I have been using them most of my life, so I pick what intuitively am drawn to that day. I set my intention, ‘what do I need for today’ and then I reset my eyes, my mind and let myself be led to what’s needed.. that can be the biggest piece in the room (so I will grab a baby alternative) or it can be a piece hidden away in to obscurity.

Choosing your stones

Choose from your gut. Use your senses to drive you to what you need rather than your mind dragging to what it thinks you should. Allow yourself to play with what works for you too, no two days, just as no two people are the same. So, if you’re not getting anything from touching the crystals – take a step back and see where your eye is drawn.

If you’re still unsure, I would say Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Selenite would be part of my go to staple kit – promoting love, spiritual and creative lifting and universal guidance. You really cannot go wrong with these crystals when you are ‘starting out’. Beyond that – ALWAYS go with your gut.

Gifting Crystals

PLAY with it. Walk the shop or look online, but this time you’re walking for another. So, feel with them in heart and mind. You are then giving this gift with a true sense of ‘I SAW THIS AND THOUGHT OF YOU’ and there’s real magic in that! Please don’t assume you know what they need… if someone has been grumpy in your eyes of late. Perhaps not best to greet them with ‘I got you this crystal because it’s good for a bad mood’, they’re most likely going to reject it!  

Attuning Your Crystals

You can use a Crystal therapist or an energy healer to do this for you, but sometimes this isn’t always readably accessible. So, we use the power of our own intention – decide upon what it is you will for the crystal to aid you or promote you in. For example, if I wanted to see my true worth, I would use a piece of  Labradorite. Holding it in hand, during meditation or in a quiet space, I would set my attention with its assistance. ‘Please help me see my soul purpose, my pure real beauty, my worth – allow it to shine through all the obstacles that currently seek to block it.’

Caring for your crystals

Just like us, crystals need to keep a certain level of hygiene. When we wear our clothes, we wash them to keep them fresh right? We wash our hair to keep it bright when it becomes porous and exposed to the everyday pollution? And we wash ourselves to wash the day off or just to simply to wake up and refresh! So, it’s important we keep a routine with our Crystal friends, because just like our minds or the memory on our phone or computer can become ‘full’, so can these wondrous gatekeepers.

Remember these beauties, alongside charging and aligning our vibe, are also absorbers and transmutes of negative  or low vibing energies and they need to reset, re-align to move back into their soft and gentle flow.

Ways to cleanse and charge your crystals

1.​Water purification

Cold or cool water is refreshing to the crystal as it is to our skin. Liken it to moving yourself under a waterfall – it’s invigorating! You might like to turn the tap and rinse the crystals through in your hands in a similar fashion – or you may wish to run them a bath in your sink or a bowl of water and allow them to soak like you would yourself in the sea. You do not need any soaps or detergents. However, you can add Himalayan salts for that extra cleanse in amongst the soak. Allow your crystals to dry on a natural fabric in natural day light or by the moon. I would use this for those crystals that are more house bound and if starting to gather a little dust internally as well as externally.

It is important to note some crystals such as selenite should not be placed in water as they dissolve.

2.​Sun showers

The masterful sun light fuels the world. It fuels our very existence and for crystals that is no different. As you know, sunlight moves through and warms through even the hardest of materials. I would suggest for extra effect, showering or bathing your crystals and then moving them outside to not only cleanse but to be fuelled by the suns gentle rays. If you do not have access to an outdoor space, the rays of the sun penetrating through your window sill is equally as powerful. It’s important to see just how the crystals twinkle after their sun kiss.

3.​Moon baths

A crystal cleanse at a full moon is always my go to. It’s pure magic how mamma moon removes the toxins from your charms and equally yourself. It also means you have a monthly cycle to flow with as she graces us in totality to remove everything in completion monthly without fail. Even if you can’t see her, her presence is more than felt and she has a incredibly special connection with crystals as she does with all things nature. Again shower or soak them in water and lay outside or on the window sill to allow the moon to bathe them whilst quite literally drawing out all that must be removed.