Emma Knowles: How To Enhance 2022 With Crystals

The last few years have brought their fair share of stress and uncertainty to say the least, so you can totally understand why we’re all searching for sources to bring us some sort of peace protection. And although we can’t completely remove the word ‘unprecedented’ from the vocabularies of our future selves, we can influence our feelings and responses to whatever may be on the horizon. But ‘how?’, you ask? Hang onto our broomstick babes, it’s about to get magical in here.

We spoke to reader, clairvoyant and meditation teacher Emma Knowles on how to enrich 2022 and beyond via the power of crystals. You won’t believe what they (and you) and capable of…

Q. What gives crystals their power to have influence on us?

Crystals are so powerful because they work towards connecting and aligning us to a power and energy that at times is perhaps unseen, whilst at the same time encouraging us to connect and heighten our own personal power. They are formed under pressure (much like ourselves), and they can do more than one thing at any one time. They can give and they can take (again just like us), they vibrate (energy like us and our life force) so I feel there is a natural affinity to the reflections of ourselves in these beauties that also connect us and help us quite literally take to hand the magic of the universe, the power of life force - what’s not to love about that? Just like make up and fashion is used to focus on, draw your eye your attention to flatter our greatest features, so do our the crystal but just on a different level!

 Crystals act as lenses and filters to our energy and live’s energy - so they can be used to not only draw out that which no longer serves us, that which we no longer need, they also can work to draw forth that which we desire, that we wish to be more abundant in it.. be emotional (confidence, love), of physical (energetical abundance) etc.   

Q.  Does every crystal possess different powers?

In a sense yes…. 

Every type and every individual piece has its own personal vibration - again just like us. Different crystal types and forms fall in alignment with different healing properties… So, you can be really specific when picking our go to piece. But for me, the true magic of them is that they attract and work for the individual in their own unique way. How I use them, how I feel them will be very different to yourself.. and so they help us develop and deeper connection, a deeper relationship with their powers and our own personal power. So in getting to know them we can develop and even more enriching relationships with ourselves.

In getting to know our crystals, we can develop an evermore enriching relationship with ourselves.

q. What can crystals do for me? How do I choose the right ones?

This is the fun part!  You can be really specific.

Take a certain situation or emotion you’d like to heal or resolve or draw in and read all the books you can in picking your piece. Or, and this is my favourite, you take an intention to mind.

Start by taking a deep breath and if you feel comfortable, closing eyes and laying hand on heart, and asking at mind or out loud ‘What do I want, what do I need...’. You can be more specific ‘What do I want, What do I need for my next career move’ or ‘to draw in more joy’ or ‘the perfect partner…’.

Then go play. Pick the pieces up, ask self how do they feel. If your naturally drawn to a piece that is your intuition, your energy locking with the energy of the piece. If one feels warm in your hand or you get a warmth looking at it on screen… then that’s the one for you! THEN go read about it, see that you’ve picked the perfect piece intuitively rather than over thought it! 

Q. Once i have my crystals, what do i do?

PLAY with it! Give it a task, a job, crystals LOVE a job. And how you can work with them is endless - so tune into what feels good.

There is so much you can do, so here is a my Crystal 101 to get you clued up and started.

Q. WHat crystals will be supporting you going into the new year?

Remember this isn’t new year new you - This is a time to move with intention so ask your self, for your personal journey, what would you like to draw in?

If it’s more joy, more love, then citrine paired with rose quartz would be a good starting point. Perhaps more fun, more play? Feel into aventurine or lace agate. What about more power to be in your space? Have a feel in your hand of some labradorite. And remember, there is no wrong only your right!!!