Enriching Body Oil for The Smoothest Skin

Summer is here (even though, erm, it doesn't feel like it)... but we're celebrating with a special treat for your skin anyway. 

Body oils are the ultimate way to ensure your skin is enriched, hydrated and soaked with nutrients after those sunny days out. (Please note: emphasis on the after! Please do not use body oils on your body when in sunlight.) 

We've selected some of our favourite body oils from our boutique that will provide your skin with all the nourishment it needs this season. Whether you want to keep things simple or want to take things up a notch with something more indulgent, there's something for everyone in this selection.

1. Our first recommendation is none other than our Kear Hydrate & Relax body oil - wonderful for those wanting to indulge themselves in a relaxing at-home-spa experience after a long day, or just because. Blended with chamomile, sweet almond and rosemary to regenerate your skin, this oil will leave your body feeling silky smooth. It quickly absorbs into the skin, while calming your body and mind - the ultimate after-shower indulgence.

2. If you're looking for something more intensive, we strongly recommend our Pietro Simone Fierce Body Oil. Created to help improve the texture and appearance of your body skin, this intensive body oil is advance. The highly-concentrated lipo-encapsulated retinol improves scars, skin imperfections, stretchmarks and orange peel skin.

3. Aromatherapy-focused? We've got you covered. 

Our bahiap Botanical Body Oil is a luxurious blend of jojoba seed and sunflower seed, which are natural conditioners that help soften and nourish your skin. In addition to the essential oils in our body oil, we've also added a botanical scent that is both uplifting and relaxing—perfect for when you want to unwind. 

This versatile oil can be used for three things: as a bath, shower, or body oil. When it comes into contact with water, it transforms from a silky smooth oil into a milky emulsion that will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized without being greasy or heavy.