Facial Cleansers


2020 certainly revolutionised our approach to hand washing, with every door front offering hand sanitizers and the number of people washing their hands more than 6 times a day increasing from 37 per cent pre-coronavirus to 78 per cent in April 2021 according to one study. We’re thrilled about this improved approach to personal hygiene, but believe cleanliness shouldn’t stop at your fingertips…

All good skincare routines start with a great cleanser (it’s arguably the most important step of all). Why? Well washing your face regularly is crucial to the health and appearance of your skin through keeping it hydrated with sufficient moisture levels and the clearing of any pore blockage, maintaining healthy pH levels which enables healthy water and skin care product retention. An effective face wash removes excess dirt build up, oil, and other unwanted debris, preparing the face for targeted skin care products applied afterwards.

But it’s all about choosing the right cleanser so that you can guarantee results. These are our favourite tried and tested products adored by many:

Dr. Nigma Cleanser No1

A unique triple action foaming cleanser that extracts impurities, resurfaces, and hydrates all in one go.

It treats and prepares the skin for enhanced absorptions of applications skin care ingredients.



Brightening Cleanser by Farryn Amber

A gentle blend of soothing Aloe Vera and natural AHA fruit enzymes derived from Papaya Seed Extract that thoroughly cleanses and softly exfoliates without drying the skin or stripping its natural oils.





Zenii Chamomile and Papaya Cleanser

This beautiful chamomile and papaya cleanser purifies the skin by removing daily debris and gently removing make up. Light and refreshing on the skin, papaya extract helps remove cellular build up whilst the orange oil and vitamin E revitalise and refresh the skin.


Pure Balancing Cleanser by Elequra

Suitable for all skin types, this gentle and skin-balancing cleanser removes dirt, makeup and impurities from the skin without drying it out. The addition of fruit acids gently exfoliate the skin for a smoother surface, while the infusion of rose water soothes any irritation.