Fashion Brand Of The Month: Free People



Our November fashion brand’s story begins in the 1970’s, when lapels were long and corduroy was king. Dick Hayne opened the first Free People store in West Philadelphia with the ambition to fuel young people’s desire to express themselves through image and fashion. As they grew from one store to two, they renamed as Urban Outfitters and secured immediate success. In order to meet rising demand, Dick and his wife Meg created a wholesale line which was so well received they decided to split the businesses. With the wholesale line needing a name, ‘Free People’ was revisited with a chance to thrive once more.

Now with 4 showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and London, and sold in over 1,400 speciality stores (including us), Free people’s aesthetic has evolved with the times. Straying from their junior focus, Free People has grown into a mature and contemporary brand. They design and cater for the twenty-something woman who is creative and adventurous with a strong sense of self, a woman who wants to live care-free and fashionably. Free people have developed their own unique signature style that reflects their audience and remains both high quality and affordable. They’re not afraid to play with pattern, texture and colour, doing so with a nod to their 70’s roots and still maintaining a modern edge. Their approach is to emulate the personality of the individual wearing the clothes and give the opportunity for genuine expression via fashion. To put it simply, the Free People woman doesn’t follow trends or rules, she sets them and breaks them.