Fashion Brand of The Month: Golden Goose

Rather than a newcomer, our February fashion choice is a firm favourite here at Oxygen Boutique. This brand conjures up countless unique collections that fuse the best parts of past and present influences. Where vintage and tradition meet modern and chic, it has to be Golden Goose.
The Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is the result of a collaboration between two young Venetian designers Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo. Since their launch in 2000, Golden Goose have become an incredibly established brand, focusing on offering refined styles via carefully selected stores that share the same values. The company’s distinct methods of distribution and communication set it apart from other brands on the market.
Over the years, Golden Goose has graced us with full outfit apparel, leather goods and accessories. Slouchy cuts complement ultra-cool fabrics and modern colour palettes to create their unmistakable mode. Their infamous sneakers have the ability to take any look to the next level, often glittery and distressed and always stylish. Every wardrobe, clothes rail and shoe cupboard will benefit from the addition of Golden Goose. Lucky for you, we stock some of their best pieces right here so you can shop the post below.