Fashion Brand Of The Month: Grace Chou

Grace Chou

Cold weather calls for the hottest accessories, courtesy of November’s fashion brand of the month. London-based jewellery company Grace Chou is the beautiful result of founders Stephanie Grace Hyams and Angela Chou’s friendship. The brand’s intense focus on authenticity and quality creates not fashion jewellery but jewellery for the fashionable.

Each Grace Chou design reflects the founders’ lives and boasts statement and simplicity in equal measures. Their pieces are crafted from solid 14k gold, a conscious decision to provide balance between affordability and durability. Grace Chou jewellery is designed with value beyond physicality. It is made to last without oxidising or discolouring and hold sentimental significance, while remaining wearable for the modern woman.

Grace Chou’s moral interests cement our love for the brand. Its packaging is fully recyclable, 100% plastic-free and can be reused to store jewellery or keepsakes. In addition to this, the Grace Chou Foundation donates 1% of all proceeds towards ethical and sustainable gold mining practises. When you purchase, you invest in the aim to change the way goal is mined for the better. In a world so often fuelled by fast fashion, we can appreciate a brand that slows down, crafts with care and sells with love.