Fashion Brand of the Month: Kaanas

Kaanas sandals at Oxygen Boutique


It’s June and summer is finally on the horizon. With the prospect of sunshine heading our way, look no further than our fashion brand of the month to update your fine weather footwear. Introducing: Kaanas.

The heart-warming history of Kaanas starts in 2013, where four talented sisters decided to follow in their parent’s footsteps. As second-generation shoemakers, the siblings grew up surrounded by their guardian’s trade, spending time running around their mother’s shoe factory and helping their father in his store. Their inherited passion was cemented from a young age and this gave the sisters an undeniable advantage - they really do care. And this compassion is infused into every element of the business.

Kaanas prides itself in being an extremely ethical and responsible brand. Their work and support with Artisans across South America, Central America and Africa allows for unique collaborations in design and production. Kaanas appreciate the importance of fair trade and always give credit to the people whose input has helped shape the brand. The sisters are heavily involved at every stage from production to customer service, ensuring that consumers receive only the highest level of care and product quality.

Kaanas have a strong design focus and it shows. Each style holds balance between being both feminine and raw, bold yet subtle. The collections are home to neutral earthy tones available as patterns and solids, equally as chic. Their organic textures add dimension, ‘Kaanas’ being the weave originally used by the Wayuu Tribe and inspiration for the brand’s identity. Each shoe is handmade in Columbia with love, artistry and craftsmanship, only which can be appreciated fully by those who wear them.