Fashion Brand of the Month: Les Girls Les Boys

Oh February… it’s the month of celebrating love. It shouldn’t matter whether that is with a significant other through Valentine’s Day celebrations, Galentine’s festivities or just some self-love at home- it all counts.

That’s why our fashion brand of the month is without a question Les Boys Les Girls.

The powerful message they strive to communicate through their bed to street apparel is to ‘love yourself, love your body and shape, love your identity, whatever that is, and share that love with the world’. This next-generation label celebrates the fluidity of love and friendship, cross cultural mind-sets and diverse identities. The collections are a revolving turntable of people and clothes and layers. They’re an attitude, a feeling, and a belief that being who you are is enough. 

Feel powerful, sensual, bold and truly YOU in the seam-free lingerie designed to provide stretch and comfort whilst being totally sustainable and sexy.

We adore the super soft body suits for their incredible versatility and subtle hues.

Turn the bedroom into your catwalk with the leopard pyjama set.