Fashion Brand of the Month: Veja

This month’s fashion brand will satisfy both your style obsession and your conscience. Since 2005, this environmentally friendly label has been creating collections of unique sneakers, whose soul goes beyond the bottom of the shoe. Introducing: Veja. 
Veja’s journey started after an experience to a Chinese factory. Once witnessing the living quarters first hand, there was realisation that globalisation had gone wrong. Many brands promise sustainable development, but little made any advances. After seeing how important and impactful fair trade can be, Veja decided to reinvent the humble sneaker with an ethical twist. By combining organic farming, ecological agriculture and direct contact with manufacturers, Veja can control and ensure workers are treated fairly and respectfully at every stage of production.
Unlike many fashion brands, Veja do not advertise. Instead, they allocate advertising resources to production, raw materials, and importantly, the people who make the sneakers. Veja’s transparency restores faith in the industry, allowing consumers to purchase sneakers without the worry of at whose expense they were created. The use of raw materials and elimination of chemicals and pollution ticks all the boxes on any environmental activist’s list. And in case that isn’t enough to make you want a pair, they are incredibly stylish too. But don’t just take our word for it, check them out for yourself.