Finding the Silver Lining

It all started when 47 Skin founder Nic was struggling with acne and he just couldn’t seem to get rid of it.

His grandmother then sent him a tub of cream containing a mysterious ingredient that she promised would heal him immediately. Magically, after just one week his acne had cleared and his skin was glowing brighter than ever before.

He was so blown away that he went to source the scientist who had created the cream to find out what it was that had done such wonders. And that’s exactly how the unique formula Skin Silver Intensive Mask was created.

Designed to:

• Calm breakouts and leave skin crystal clear

For centuries, silver has been used around the world as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, but what makes our unique formula so special is the unique blend of Silver with Chitoderm, making it muco adhesive. This means it delivers silver straight into the root of the bacterium and ultimately destroys it, making it a key ingredient in healing acne and inflamed skin, while preventing further breakout

• Fade Scars and Even-Out Skin

The active properties in the Chitoderm decreases the production of melanin, a pigment that gives scars their colour. It also encourages your skin to shed older skin cells and produce new ones at a much faster rate, making way for fresh, even skin.

• Leave Skin Soft and Glowing

The intensive mask contains lavender oil and glycerin, which hydrate and soothe the skin. Combined with the regenerating effects of the Chitdoerm, it will leave your skin silky soft and shining.