Five Must-Try Beauty Tools

We love a good beauty tool. Whether it be an everyday essential or a lavish gadget, we just can’t resist. If you’re as obsessed with beauty as we are, you need to give our top five beauty tools a try. We’ve covered all areas of body and budget, each product as fabulous as the next. It’s time to pimp up your beauty regime!

Give your Self-Care Sundays a space-age twist with the Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device by MZ Skin. With five coloured LED lights for targeted treatments, this face disco could be the answer to your best skin yet.


Derma Roller by E Cooking


Supercharge your skincare products with E Cooking’s derma roller. The head’s micro needles prick the skin creating multiple channels for your serum to flow into, allowing it to reach deeper into the skin.


Gold Beauty Bar by Jillian Dempsey



The hottest way to tone is with 24K gold. This vibrating bar massages the facial muscles, providing instant relaxation. With continued use, skin will look and feel lifted, contoured and re-energized.


Lymph-Lite Boom Brush for Legs by Legology


Improve leg circulation and promote lymphatic drainage with a gentle massage using Legology’s Boom Brush for Legs. Body brushing is becoming increasingly popular and is a sworn ritual for Gwyneth Paltrow. Read more here.


Hollywood Browzer Single Classic Black by Hollywood Browzer


Tired of post-hair removal irritation and redness? Opt for the Hollywood Browzer. Remove unwanted hair from brows, upper lip and face quickly and easily without unsightly sore consequences.