Five Ways To Boost Your Immunity

In these uncertain times, supporting your immune system has risen to the top of our priorities. And while the current situation may have you feeling a little overwhelmed and helpless, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of things you can do to boost immunity and promote general wellbeing. Follow our five top tips to take care of your immune system, so it can take care of you.

Take a supplement

To function well, the immune system requires whole body support. Taking a supplement that contains a dose of vitamins and minerals that contribute towards whole body health can also promote immunity. Immune boosting supplements contain a special cocktail of ingredients that are believed to specifically support the immune system. Remember to check with a healthcare professional before taking any new supplement.

Focus on your diet

Fuelling your body with nourishing foods will help with all aspects of health, including immunity. A healthy diet will provide your body with all the necessary nutrients to work at its best. Try to avoid highly processed foods and fill your plate with a variety of fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and lean protein. Don’t forget to hydrate regularly too!

Keep active

Exercise is good for our health, pandemic or not. It contributes to general wellbeing which will in turn support the immune system. Also, during exercise the body releases ‘feel good’ chemicals called endorphins, which can help reduce feelings of stress and improve mental health.

Stay zen

Long-term stress can wreak havoc on our bodies. It’s understandable to feel stressed or anxious at the moment, but it is important to ensure these feelings aren’t having an impact on your health. To control your stress levels, it can be helpful to talk to someone about your worries, do something that you enjoy or makes you feel relaxed, or keep a routine going at home to avoid over thinking. While it is good to stay informed about what is going on, try not to consume yourself by checking the news every five minutes.

Get your eight hours

The body uses sleep as an opportunity to rest and repair, therefore getting enough is crucial for our wellbeing. A good night’s sleep is also important for our mental health and stress levels. If you struggle getting your forty winks, try looking at your bedtime routine and see if you can make any small changes to help you sleep, such as eating earlier or assessing your bedroom environment.