Foolproof Your Commute

london commute
If you are lucky enough to work amongst the buzzing hub of young professionals in the City of London, you know all about the dreaded commute. The novelty has worn off and it’s turned into a mundane daily obstacle course to get from A to Z.
If you are anything like me, the thought of getting onto a packed train during rush hour leaves you in perpetual state of exhaustion and often find yourself contemplating ways in which to avoid it all together. Maybe even to go as far as drafting an email to your boss on route, explaining perhaps in too much detail, how you’ve had enough of the rat race and you’ve actually decided you’re off to Mexico instead to work remotely from a beach hut. Sound somewhat familiar? Read on…
The following ‘hacks’ ensure my commute is stress free, and I’m going to say it; sometimes even enjoyable. I’ve learnt it’s a combination of doing small but effective things by utilizing this precious time which, in turn, break down the overwhelming concept of commuting.
1. Plan ahead - figure out exactly how long your commute is from door to door, download a perfectly timed podcast, read a book you’ve always want to read, perhaps watch reruns of your favorite program, or create the greatest playlist of all time and transport your mind somewhere else (like a white sandy beach in Mexico, for example). 
2. Figure out when the ghost train arrives at your station. The ghost train is something of a well-kept secret amongst commuters who’ve figured out the timetable of the empty trains that leaves you feeling marginally superior. This may mean getting up 10 minutes earlier, but totally worth it - take a pew, my friends.
3. Providing you’ve caught your ghost train, choose a seat closer to the exit, that way you’ve less people to rugby tackle/ trip over bag straps / or shout ‘excuse me’ onto deaf ears, on your way out.
4. Learn to meditate - if your commute is more than 10 minutes long, you’ve a perfect opportunity to find your Zen and improve your mood instantly. Close your eyes, count to ten, breathe deeply, and you are half way there. Download an app to guide & importantly, time you through it.
5. Mix it up, try a different route entirely - you never know who you might bump into on your new commute. Leave your heels at work, put your comfy trainers on and jump out a station earlier. Take in the scenery and get those endorphins going.
By incorporating just one of these hacks, I’m sure will get you well on your way to a happier, healthier and more enjoyable commute.