Rituals with Hayo’u founder Kate Brindle

Have you created any new routines/Rituals for yourself since lockdown began?

Yes! I compiled a really lovely morning exercise class called GOOD MORNING QI GANG which is a series of my absolute favourite qi gong exercises in a lovely class. It’s now taken on a life of its own and we are all carrying on with it as we love it so much. Tune in live on my Instagram (@katie_brindle) every weekday at 8am.

Is there any particular Hayo'u ritual that you have practiced most frequently?

I use my beauty restorer and my tapper every day without fail!

If someone is looking to adopt Hayo'u rituals, how is best to begin?

Start simple use the beauty restorer in the shower each morning and the tapper after the shower. Get in the habit of doing those 2 things for at least 1 minute each and do them daily. It should be like brushing your teeth and by doing this you will feel the immediate and eventually cumulative benefits.

Are the rituals appropriate for all ages?

Yes they are and we take every care to ensure all out customers are fully supported when they invest in a Hayo’u tool. We always say to check with a doctor however if you are unsure or to ask us for further support and we will be happy to help.

Do any of your products help with immunity?

Yes the gua sha tools and the tapper both play a massive role in building and protecting immunity. Good circulation is the foundation of our health. Efficient circulation keeps the cells of the immune system moving, so that they can work effectively. It also encourages lymphatic drainage, which clears toxic waste. So, tap regularly all over your body, every day. You can use a loosely clenched fist, or a bamboo tapper to help you reach all over your back and tap more efficiently. I suggest you tap for at least one-minute morning and evening and throughout the day if you’re feeling sluggish. You will feel it work immediately.

Gua Sha has been used to treat a whole range of conditions from fever to chronic cough and migraines. It has been shown in studies to increase micro-circulation by 400%, clear inflammation and increase immunity. But that’s not all. Gua sha is also renowned for maintaining and strengthening the constitution and even improving your sleep.

Gua sha is a fantastic way to directly support the immune system.

Can you explain the reset ritual?

The rest ritual is based on Qigong. It allows your body to move as soon as stress hits. Firstly, just shake. Shake your entire body like crazy and put on a smile. Shaking improves your circulation, relaxes and warms up the muscles and strengthens the spine. Next is drumming. Drumming your body with a loosely clenched first increases blood flow and invigorates your whole energetic circulation. It stimulates stem cell production and it releases tight muscle. Dislodging toxicity, it in turn improves the function of the internal organs. The final part of the ritual is twisting. Twist at the waist and swing your arms so your hands slap you front and back at kidney level. Twisting stimulates the kidneys and it loosens the spine and shoulders. It increases blood and qi flow and improves digestive function. Practice this ritual whenever you feel stressed and it will leave you feeling relaxed, energized and ready to enjoy the day ahead!