Founder of Legology Q and A

What was the inspiration behind creating Legology? 
A very obvious need for grown-up, dedicated leg care—no brand was doing that or creating even one-off products that I wanted to use (or that anyone I knew wanted to use, for that matter) as part of a daily beauty routine. And as frequency is what legs need to maintain good beauty and health, it was obvious to me that the products had to be as addictive to use as they were effective. I was greatly inspired by my own issues—fluid retention and cellulite—which go hand in hand and are experienced by many women of all ages and at different stages in their lives.
What’s your greatest motivation?
To bring a full 360-degree solution to leg care utilising every resource at our fingertips, from great products, to nutritional and fitness advice.  This is now possible thanks to advances in technology. Until now, it was only possible to sell someone a product and advise them on how to complete the circle that makes leg care entirely integrated. I aim to change that and make it easy to manage common issues like leg heaviness, shape and fatigue, and through that give women increased confidence and positivity—from the feet up!
How long was the process of setting up the business and creating your product before you finally were selling to the public?
Years! In all honesty, I had wanted to bring Legology to market for a decade or more before I really thought I could do it. Even after I had developed the formula for our first hero product, Air-Lite, with an independent chemist, it took a couple of years to bring it to market. I believe strongly, however, that the best things are worth waiting for. I was never going to pick a formula off a shelf and add a fragrance to it—my products were always going to be created from scratch and be as effective as it was possible to make them.  Basically, my leg care was not going to be the afterthought that many leg care products—primarily cellulite—had become to brands that felt they needed to fill their lines.
What has been your greatest success?
Probably Air-Lite, our hero product, which is still our best-seller, and for good reason—it works. But Cellu-Lite, the deep drainage oil I launched last year, is catching up because it’s also incredibly good at what it does. I took a unique approach with this product, creating an aromatherapy blend that would reduce the fluid that gets trapped around fat cells, causing the bumpy appearance typical of cellulite. I think this new approach, the honesty around our products and the brand’s positive and witty vibe, have contributed to Legology’s success and accessibility.
What has been your biggest struggle?
The steep learn that comes with running your own business. Understanding and managing every aspect of the business is extremely challenging. On a personal level, I struggle with sleep.  
Can you tell us about your background, what were you doing before Legology?
I’ve been a beauty journalist and broadcaster for my entire career—so some 25 years writing for the glossies and newspapers on beauty. This is what gave me unique insight into the gaping hole for good leg care; I realised, mostly from the remarkable feedback I got from readers of my weekly column in the Telegraph Magazine, that what women wanted in this area was quite different to what they were being given. It also gave me the opportunity to try every product and treatment available, and to understand why some products appealed more than others. I suppose journalism was my foundation to the career I now have.
How do you set yourself apart from your competitors?
In addition to the reasons above, creating formulas from scratch with real intent, viewing leg care as a whole offering in itself rather than an afterthought, and supporting Legology with knowledge, a lot of style, opinion and wit. That’s what makes it entirely different to every other leg care offering on the market. Legology is a wonderful experience from every aspect, and that also sets the brand apart from competitors.
Who inspires you? 
Anyone who is honest, has integrity, memorable style, lots of great stories to tell and is courageous enough to be genuinely pioneering.  
Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs starting their own brand? 
If you have a great idea, put your blinkers on, keep your mouth shut (people are shameless in the way they ‘lift’ great ideas) and do it your way.    
How do you get through a challenging period? 
Walk for miles with my dogs, lie in the bath, stay in bed, eat carbs.  
If you hadn’t started Legology what would you be doing? 
I’m a co-founder of the British Beauty Council, so I'd be very absorbed by that alongside some kind of creative output—theatrical costume and set design has always fascinated me.
What’s your workwear uniform?
White or black shirt, skirt and sneakers. I live in sneakers.
Do you have any morning rituals that prep you for a busy day? 
A cup of coffee in bed with the radio on. 
How do you unwind?
I’m not entirely sure that I do. 
Where or who do you look to to learn from? 
I’ve learned a lot from watching people I’ve worked with.  
Where do you see the business in five years time? 
At the top of the market category for leg care. Think St Tropez before the self-tan market existed.
Do you think success comes from luck or hard work? 
Both. But lots and lots of the latter.
What would be a career highlight for you in the future? 
I think the highlights come daily—a message from a new customer who has found Air-Lite to be a wonderful comfort during a long haul flight or her pregnancy is always a thrilling moment.
Do you have a mentor? If so how have they helped you? 
I don’t believe in mentors or the sisterhood. But I do have many friends who have helped me.
Yesterday I was…High fiving a big achievement with my team.
Tomorrow I will be…Cutting some slack in the wilds of Richmond Park.
Success is… Sleep, time for family/friends, contentment.
I learn the most when I…Push barriers.
My brand is…My baby.
My saving grace is…A sense of humour.
I motivate myself by…Remembering how short life can be.