Furlough the boring beauty routine

It’s a new age. You want to look more youthful? Well then it’s time to escape the dark ages of beauty routines- yes, there’s a lot more you can do for your skin than just cleanse and moisturise.

But we’re not talking beauty trends, these tools are here to stay:

Cryo Facial Tool:

Reap the rewards of a professional cryo facial from the comfort of your own home. The cooling sensations increase the flow of blood and oxygen in the skin to help reduce puffiness and inflammation instantly. The rolling technique acts as lymphatic drainage unveiling a firmer complexion, tighter pores and letting your inner glow shine through


Jade Roller:

As part of House of Life's ‘Complete Skin’ routine, they recommend using this unique face roller to enhance their blends’ effectiveness.

Each is crafted from an ancient natural stone known for its healing benefits.

Suitable for all skins, choose yours based on your personal preferences and needs.


Rose Quartz Eye Mask:

Handcrafted from the highest-grade Rose Quartz, this cool-to-the-touch eye mask is the ultimate luxury spa experience from the comfort of your own home.

The cooling sensation instantly soothes the skin, whilst the weight of the crystals provides comfort, mimicking that of a weighted blanket to relieve stress.