Gallinée x OB - 5 Fun Facts

1. Gallinée is adding bacteria to cosmetic products rather than removing it. Your skin is a whole skin ecosystem whose the brand intends to take care by pampering your microbiome. What is the microbiome? The name of all the good bacteria and micro-organisms that live in harmony on and in your body, a kind of extension of your being that plays a protective role for your skin.

2. The first order was paid with a 10€ note still attached on Gallinée’s office walls. In three years, the brand range has grown from 5 products to 11, and many to come!

3. Today, Gallinée is 4 patents,17 awards and millions of bacteria across 4 continents: Europe, Asia, Oceania and America.

4. Most of Gallinée products contain between 92% and 98% of ingredients of natural origin. The brand supports the most natural process possible and the products:
- must be free of any ingredients with a history of skin sensitivity or known to be “harsh” to the skin
- must provide first-rate performance in terms of efficiency and pleasure to use.
Most brands tend to focus on one of these criteria and inevitably tend to overlook the other.

5. Fun Nerdy fact ? You are 50% bacteria.  Bacterias in the products are not live and (better like this) and probiotics are “gently deactivated”. The bacteria is tyndalized for formula stability reasons. However, bacteria cell content and markers still stimulate the microbiome and the skin.