Here’s How Red Wine Can Be Part Of Your Beauty Regime

A glass of red might make an appearance on selfcare Sunday (cos’ Monday, urgh), but what if it became a sacred part of your beauty regime? Sounds good, right?

Red wine is packed with antioxidants that protect the skin against free radicles. ‘Free radicals?’ you ask? They are a type of molecule in the environment that latches onto the skin with damaging effects, including breaking down collagen. Collagen is crucial to maintaining the skin’s elasticity and effectively slows down visible signs of aging, so it is important we keep it in good supply. But in a glass with nibbles isn’t the most effective way for wine to benefit the skin. However, Lapcos has the answer.

Lapcos’ Red Wine sheet mask features wine extract containing those all-important age fighting antioxidants to help restore collagen and hydration levels in the skin. It also boosts elasticity helping to tighten and firm the skin for a smooth, firm complexion. For extra damage repair and radiance, this mask incorporates blueberry fruit extract in addition to allantoin for it’s soothing and protecting properties. So, if your skin needs a youthful boost, it’s worth letting it enjoy a tipple, like you needed convincing anyway.