Turn Your Frown Upside Down with SmileMakers

It's no secret that the benefits of a healthy sex life are huge for your wellbeing. It promotes lower blood pressure, a better immune system, increases your happy hormones and can even decrease depression and anxiety. Who wouldn't love that, all the while enjoying yourself? Erm, yes please.

That's why our brand of the month is SmileMakers. They are a vulva-specific range of personal sex toys, created with the aim of normalising the perception of masturbation, whilst also providing quality products that are worthy of our bodies. They encourage vulva owners to dote on their own pleasure by ensuring they provide accurate information and the best options for getting acquainted with your body. (Plus, they have some very tongue-in-cheek nicknames for their products!)

SmileMakers user-friendly guide suggests there are a few things to look out for when deciding on your vibrator. "Body safety, designed only for vulva owners, shape and size, pulsation and speeds, waterproof and noise." A criteria that all SmileMaker products pass!

The first vibrator we recommend (that we are sure will improve your life) is the Tennis Coach Vibrator. Did you know what we call G-spot is actually a zone on the front wall of the vagina, where the internal structure of the clitoris touches the vagina? This G-spot vibrator’s rounded head is perfectly shaped to provide a focused stimulation of that zone and bring you an orgasmic experience. See below. 

The next? The infamous Surfer Vibrator. A small, powerful and super quiet clitoral vibrator, made with the softest silicone. Its rounded head with little fins on it will surely bring you delicious shivers. Phthalate-free, it is completely safe for your body.

Looking for something a teeny bit more sensual? Look no further. The Frenchman Vibrator is here at your service. With the clitoris having 8,000 nerve endings, this vibrator was designed to mimic a tongue-like feeling. Ideally combine it with a lubricant for an even more realistic experience.

Shop our entire SmileMakers range via the link here. Happy Smiling!