How To Achieve Your Best Ever Beach Waves

We’ve all been there. You’ve waved, tousled and teased your hair to perfection. Yet within minutes of stepping outside you’ve gone from ‘beach babe’ to ‘barely pool worthy’. No one wants their hard work to go to waste (especially when it comes to hair styling), so watching the elements sap the volume from your hair can be almost painful. But how can we stop the inevitable flattening and frizz we hear you ask? With the right haircare products. Lucky for you, we’ve handpicked a selection of our favourite products that are all you need to maintain those gorgeous waves all day.

The attention you give your hair pre-styling is just as important as your finishing products. Think priming. In the same way you prime your skin to ensure the longevity of your foundation, haircare follows a similar principal.

After washing…

A great place to start is with the Care Mask by Gallinée. Their new probiotic range nourishes the hair and rebalances the scalp’s microbiome, which when unbalanced can lead to excess sebum, itchiness and dandruff (no thanks!). All this is combined in a weightless formula and can be used on all scalp types.



Before you blow-dry…

Follow up using the Blow Dry Cream by 72 Hair. Eliminate the need for a cabinet full of haircare products with this multi-purpose cream. Designed to put a stop to frizz, restore lost moisture and protect your hair from heat damage, it is perfect for pre blow-dry prepping.

Blow-Dry Cream by 72 Hair



To finish off…

Once you’ve finished curling with your favourite styling tools, elevate your look with the Texture + Wave Finishing Spray by Lore Originals. It is buildable, non-greasy and adds effortless texture with every spritz. This spray has a light, flexible level of hold that will preserve your waves without making them look rigid or stiff. It can be used on wet or dry hair and smells incredible too.

Texture + Wave Finishing Spray by Lore Originals