How to Plan a Perfect Staycation

countryside holiday
The idea of a weekend away in the UK immediately paints a picture filled with miserable campsites and rain-soaked caravan grounds. However, Britain is full of fascinating and pleasurable cities, towns, villages and countryside escapes. To make your weekend getaway a little simpler to pick, we’ve rounded up our top six.
Less of a spa retreat and more of a whole holdup of realism, the magical Soho Farmhouse feels as far away from London as is possible, however it is only an hour and a half away on a train from Paddington. The scenic green fields and undulating hills deliver picturesque views and with milk brought to your door and an exquisite deli supplying local pickles and jams, you never have to leave.
Enthralling guests since 1865, The Langham is said to be the location where the first ever afternoon tea was served. Positioned in the heart of the West End, with the extravagant shops and renowned cultural attractions on its doorstep, the hotel radiates class while upholding a tranquil atmosphere. Also, its chefs provide characteristically created dishes using premium seasonal ingredients with a modern presentation style, taking elegant dining to a whole new level. 
Relax and unwind with a pampering getaway on the outskirts of town. The best spot for an upper-class indulging break, Coworth Park contains a top-notch spa and an exceptional and equestrian centre.
With glorious views over the attractive waterfront town of Ilfracombe, Devon, & out to sea, the Victorian villa is the ultimate relaxation hotspot. With 7 bedrooms and a brilliant 34ft sitting dining room, it is perfect for a getaway with a big group of friends. 
Green by name and nature, the Victorian boutique houses a philosophy that states every feature of the hotel is dictated through an environmentally-friendly method. From vegetable ink used in the wallpaper to a company car that runs on waste cooking oil from the hotel’s kitchen, the eco-friendly hotel is without a doubt educational, heartfelt and lavish rather than preachy where sustainability and essence are seamless companions.