How To Rejuvenate Your Body For Summer

How do you prepare yourself for summer? We believe that the pampering needs to start from within. That’s why this week, we’re highlighting our 3 favourite products to kickstart your body rejuvenation for the middle of summer.

Ensure your vitamin intake is high.  

Vitamins are imperative all year round. But with more active social lives, usually comes hand in hand with risen alcohol intake. Not to mention sports being played in sweltering weather, dehydration causing lack of focus, resting less and more. Our advice? Simply pop on a Tocu Health patch and let the vitamins surge. No effort needed! Whether you’re seeking higher immunity, suffering from a major hangover (you were fun at the time, piña colada), experiencing menopausal symptoms and more, Tocu Health has you covered.

Make sure your skin is at it’s healthiest.   

“Drink lots of water, make sure you keep your fluids up!” We hear it so often all throughout the summertime. The one thing that is majorly overlooked however, is usually your diet. Taking care of your skin during the hotter months is majorly important. What if we told you that a cocktail could do the work for you? Dr. Nigma’s beauty cocktail collagen powder is the perfect addition to your beauty routine.  

The electrolytes in this formula are designed to support a healthier complexion, and they help to balance the blood pH while strengthening and hydrating the skin. The collagen and elastin protein fibres in this formula support collagen production within the skin, helping you increase firmness and improve hydration. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Look after your body. You only get one.   

When summer arrives, it brings a multitude of new conversations – most spiralling around the idea of a summer bodies and diets. Newsflash, here at OB we believe that every body is a bikini body. And, it’s more about how you feel. Endless wandering around European countries exploring your holiday destination, late night dancing, hosting, cocktail nights galore – your body will need rest. It’s so important during the summer time that you put in the effort to give yourself rest and recuperation where necessary! You only get one body, let’s treat it like the real temple that it is.   

So then, are you ready to take your recovery to the next level? The new Cryo Ball from Oxygen Boutique is here to help! The handheld massager ball enhances blood flow and circulation to maximize recovery in tight tissues, while the cold surface assists to reduce inflammation and swelling. Adored by athletes and physiotherapists alike, this cryotherapy tool can be used to relieve pain in the upper and lower back, legs, shoulders, neck, head and feet.   

This versatile tool can also be combined with healing essential oils for ultimate relaxation. Sounds like the perfect at-home spa exercise to us.