How To Relax *properly*


We all know how important relaxing can be, especially in modern society. But if your efforts to relax aren’t up to scratch, no amount of selfcare Sundays will help you find your inner peace. Quality relaxation is key to feeling its benefits. So, if you want to up your downtime game, follow these easy tips.

TIP ONE: Prioritise time to relax. By pencilling it into your diary, you’ll be less likely to skip your all-important ‘me’ time.

TIP TWO: Do what suits you. If masking and bathing isn’t your thing, no dramas! Relaxation is all about you, so choose your favourite activity to help you feel totally Zen.

TIP THREE: Take moment to tune in. A method often used in yoga, checking in and focusing on the body’s senses can be really calming. Concentrate on relaxing each part of the body one at a time, starting from the toes and work upwards.

TIP FOUR: Just breathe. Controlled breathing isn’t just for post-toe-stubbing pain. Deep, focused breaths can help lower your heart rate and leave you feeling more relaxed.

TIP FIVE: Banish your demons. It’s not possible to eliminate all stress from our lives, but it is possible to reduce it. If something (or someone) is causing you real stress, evaluate and address the situation. You’ll feel better for it and having quality downtime could become much easier.