How To Save Your Brain from Cognitive Decline?


Learning is best done in the early childhood stages. We all have learned this theory, and we proactively follow it. Usually, we invest time in crossword puzzles and out-of-the-box thinking games to sharpen our minds. However, this common belief is nothing but a hoax.

While these games help bolster cognitive abilities, they are not the solution. We must expose ourselves to the external environment, new experiences, beliefs, ideas, and things to keep our brains healthy and active.

Cognitive Reserve

Cognitive Reserve is sort of a backup mental activity. It gives our brain resilience when our brain’s structure changes and shrinks with age. That is, in our older ages, our brain functions great even if it is not physically at its best. Cognitive reserve helps us to think laterally about different situations. It helps us better understand tasks, presents us with more ways to solve problems, and makes us more creative.

Does this mean you will have to wait for your old days to develop cognitive resilience? Absolutely not. Here are a few things that would help you to build your cognitive reserve.


According to surveys, individuals with a better educational experience are less likely to have memory loss problems than others. It even includes other forms of age-related mental decline.

Social and Leisure Hobbies

According to experts, research indicates that participating in more mentally, culturally, or socially stimulating activities is advantageous. According to one research, individuals who exercised, went out to cafes or the movies, or took vacations were less likely to suffer from dementia in later years.

Encouraging work

According to research, those with more challenging jobs requiring snap decisions and critical thinking, unique problem-solving, counselling, or supervising others were less likely to suffer from early cognitive loss after retirement.

A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, whole wheat, and omega-3 fatty acids may enhance mental performance later in life, according to studies. The idea is to design balanced meals keeping your dietary habits and lifestyle in mind.

Using Some Best-Reviewed Products

We know it is not easy to change your lifestyle that easily. It seems like improving cognitive resilience demands a lot. If you want to improve your cognitive resilience in an easy way, here are a few recommended products:

#1 Cognifuel

Cognifuel is a body booster drink that is created with the best minerals and vitamins. It helps to overcome the usual fatigue to ameliorate your cognition. From ashwagandha and ginseng to tyrosine, it has all the beneficial extracts to fire the essential neurons in your brain.

#2 Edge Performing Supplements

The word supplement sounds shaky unless it is made with the best nutrients to optimize your overall mental health. It does not just improve the person's focus but also powers mental performance. With an all-natural botanical complex, 22 vitamins and minerals and being vegan friendly, the edge performance supplements are a great choice.

#3 Food-Grown Vitamin B-12

The Food-Grown® Vitamin B12* is an amazing supplement, made to enhance your cognitive abilities. It makes your nerves and mood healthy by recovering your fatigue.

Key Takeaway!

There are countless ways to develop your cognitive abilities. At Oxygen Boutique, we offer everything you need to have to keep your brain healthy and sharp.