How To Self Gift Without Guilt


Have you ever been shopping for a gift for someone and struggled to find a single item that would suffice, yet in the process found at least 12 things you would *love* for yourself? You’re not alone. And you’re probably not alone in leaving those items un-purchased too. If picking up that £20 book you know your bestie has been struggling to get hold of for months is a no-brainer, but you find it difficult to treat yourself to a new (and long over due) set of underwear to replace your rather sorry looking holy sets, then you may be feeling a little too guilty about self gifting. Here are our three top tips to help you feed the love language without getting carried away.

Shop for yourself as you would for others

When we shop for others, we are far more considerate of our purchases. If you use a similar principle when treating yourself, you won’t run the risk of impulse buying items that won’t serve you in the long run. Be mindful and only buy things that really show yourself you care.

Consider your budget

When we say you have every right to buy yourself items you love, that doesn’t translate to rack up credit card debt. Set a budget and don’t exceed it. This could mean one large purchase every few months or so, or a little treat every week. Find what works for you and your bank balance.

Remember, money doesn’t buy happiness

You’ve likely heard of ‘Retail Therapy’, where we shop with the primary purpose to improve our mood. However, self gifting has a less addictive intention. The purpose of self gifting is to show yourself love and kindness, not to replace or numb any negative feelings. If you are struggling with your mental health, we recommend speaking with a professional.

Now, you’re free to frolic and enjoy that hard earned dollar of yours… Sensibly of course…