How To Stack Jewellery Like A Pro

We’ve all seen those girls that have a perfectly harmonious set of necklaces draped around their necks. Yet when you give it a go, you look less than chic and more like a devoted fan to BA Baracus. And while there’s nothing wrong with dedicating your look to an A-Team icon (we don’t judge here), it may not be your full intention. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top tips to fail-safe jewellery stacking. Once you know the rules, then you’re more than qualified to break them.

Build from a statement piece

If there is particular necklace you really want to include in your look, start there and build. Pick out chains, chokers and pendants that complement its style and colours. Not sure how to do so? Onto our next point…

Size matters

In this case, yes, size matters. By choosing pieces that vary in length and girth, you’ll not only be able to see each necklace individually, but it will prevent it looking like a mass of chains (Note: BA Baracus). Our favourite way to build is by starting with a thin choker, follow with a mix of thick and thin medium chains and finish with a long chain with a pendant.

You *can* mix your metals

Mixing metals may be a little bit controversial, but if you can’t mix gold & silver, what can you do in this life?

The key is to choose metals that work with your skin tone, rather than focusing on matching them. If you’re cool in tone, sway towards light or white metals such as white gold. For warmer skin tones, yellow and rose gold or copper is the way forward. If you’re lucky enough to have a neutral skin tone, then the world is your jewellery oyster. But regardless, if you keep the predominant pieces of your layering in your favoured tone, you can easily add more subtle tones of whichever metal you love most.

Our favourite looks