How to Start the Year Sustainably

Ah the glorious New Year!

January 1st comes about and it’s that chance for a New YOU: a fitter, healthier, more organised (the resolution list could go on…) you. Yes, we have the chance to hit the reset button and have a fresh start. And the only one accountable for this transformation is you- it is entirely in your power whether or not you want to change for the better. As said by the motivational speaker and author Catherine Pulsifer: “At the end of the day we are accountable to ourselves- our success is the result of what we do.”

Unfortunately, the Earth doesn’t have it quite so easy. It’s no secret we have done some irreversible damage to our planet, but there is still possibility to save some of what remains of our beautiful environment. But these eight major ecosystems are entirely dependent on our actions and simply cannot hit the reset button alone. So let’s make 2021 the year we take responsibility not only for our own health, wellness and career goals, but also to become as sustainable as we can to save our precious planet.

That by no means comes with any style or beauty sacrifices, as many brands today have taken responsibility to make sure how and what they sell is eco-friendly. We’ve created a little guide to get you started:


Sustainable Menstrual Care with &Sisters

Every last bit of the cotton period products is sustainably sourced, recyclable and biodegradable and the nudie cup is made of naturally occurring silica, AKA, sand.

Nothing (artificial) to see here ladies.


Sustainable Luxury Beauty Products with Nereus London

For every bottle of Nereus products you purchase, Plastic Bank will prevent 1 kg of ocean-bound plastic from further polluting our planet. Through their partnership with Plastic Bank, Nereus customers now have the opportunity to make a real, tangible, and measurable difference with every purchase.


Luxury Hair Care that is Kind to the Planet with Kaplan MD

KAPLAN MD has been awarded the Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury, in recognition of their commitment to social and environmental sustainability. They use their position as a leading brand to inspire people, partners and customers to respect our planet, and champion products that contribute to healthier, happier communities while minimizing their environmental impact.



Minimising Environmental Impact with Ganni

“We work to eliminate plastic we don’t need; Innovate so all plastics we do need are designed to be reused, recycled or composted; and circulate everything we use to keep it in the economy and out of the environment”

We especially love the Recycled Tech Fabric Bags made out of 100% recycled polyester.


Les Girls Les Boys: Creating Lasting Clothes without a Long-Lasting Impact

Les Girls Les Boys is committed to creating quality clothes that stand the test of time, whilst encouraging consumers to pass on items after use. The fashion house sources with carbon-footprint in mind, opting for lower impact manufacturing, processes and fabrics where possible. All shipping is conducted by sea and land and not air.


Walking on Sustainable Air with Freedom Moses

Freedom Moses Sandals are made using PCU. This is a superior grade of sustainable, eco-friendly plastic injected with air.



Nuddy Soaps: Plastic-Free and Pure

These deliciously scented soap bars are committed to sustainability and use 100% plastic free packaging. All soaps have a shea-butter base, making them vegan friendly (and silky soft).

The palm oil you will find in your nuddy soap bar is from accredited and certified sustainable plantations and it is therefore sustainable palm oil from long existing plantations.


Eym: 100% Natural Fragrances

Proudly made in Britain, all Eym ingredients and packaging are ethically and sustainably sourced. Most conventional candle and fragrance brands use petroleum wax, synthetic fragrance and scent boosters- all full of toxic compounds that when burnt release acetone, benzene and toluene (all dangerous carcinogens). But not Eym- all fragrances are 100% natural using essential oils for their scientifically proven aromatherapeutic benefits. Once you start using natural fragrance, you just can’t get enough of the smell. It’s like comparing using a pine-scented air freshener and walking through a pine forest.