How to 'Swinter' Your Wardrobe

Starting to pack away that gorgeous summer collection that looks so colourful and cheerful, only to sit in your boxes until the summer graces us with its presence in 2021?

What if we told you that maxi dress, those strappy sandals and that sleeveless top are the perfect pieces to add to your winter wardrobe!

Transformation 1:

The Maxi with Boots

Ah the maxi… a girls best friend. Keep your loved ones close by pairing with boots for the perfect winter look.

Transformation 2:

The Maxi with a Sweater

Turn that gorgeous summer dress into a dreamy winter skirt by adding a sweatshirt on top

Transformation 3:

Socks and Sandals

Anyone who told you this was a fashion crime must be stuck in 2010. If Victoria Beckham and Fearne Cotton do it- you should too.

Transformation 4:

Short-sleeves or Sleeveless with Polo-neck

Keep your favourite summer tops right where they are by adding a staple polo underneath to keep you cosy.