I Tried a Bamboo Back Massage

bamboo back massage
I don’t know about you but I had never heard of a bamboo massage before now. The idea of being rolled out like puff pastry with warm bamboo sticks sounded somewhat inviting, so I went ahead and tested it out.
The service involves having heated bamboo canes rolled, pressed and prodded into your muscles. This aims to release tension and relax you to the max. The canes aren’t your standard garden bamboo sticks though (before you start searching your local garden centre). They are specifically designed for the treatment and have quirky names too such as ‘Slim Jim’, ‘Full Monty’ and ‘Half Pint’. Cute, right?
The massage itself was super relaxing, it began with the massage therapist tapping the canes along my back with varying speeds and pressures to warm up my muscles. This was followed by rolling pin movements, that ironed out all the tension in my back that had built up from a mixture of bad posture and being hunched over a keyboard so often. Smaller bamboo canes were used in a pivot action around my shoulder blades and neck, which gave an instant release of tightness. The tops of my arms didn’t appreciate the massage so much. A case of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) from a recent gym session meant I felt the massage more in these areas. Bamboo massages can be used in replacement to a sports massage, so it probably did my tender arms some good.
Every time the bamboo cane was re-heated and applied it felt amazing, the warmth made a huge difference to an already soothing experience. However, as I am quite slim, when the bamboo canes were rolled over the back of my rib cage, it did feel like going over a train crossing in the car. But, like mine, your massage therapist will tell you to let them know if you want less or more pressure applying. One of the great things about the use of bamboo canes is that the massage felt a lot less intimate than skin-on-skin massages may feel. So, if you’re not cool with the level of contact in a regular massage, then this is perfect for you.
When I stood up after the massage had finished, I felt slightly lightheaded, apparently, this is completely normal. I was advised to drink plenty of water, like after any massage., this is to flush out all materials, such as toxins, that were released by my muscles during the service and to keep my muscles hydrated too. I was warned, and half expected, to be pretty sore the next day. But… nothing! My muscles felt great and as though all that stow away tension had been released. My body and mind really appreciated the time to truly relax and de-stress.
I would definitely recommend a bamboo massage to anyone who wants to unwind with the aid of Mother Nature.