Ice Ice Baby

Move over traditional facials and Botox. Frotox has just hit the scene.

Cryotherapy - meaning cold therapy - has quickly developed into a wellness phenomenon famed for benefits ranging from reducing inflammation, muscle pain and anxiety to promoting weight loss, better sleep and improved immunity. Popular amongst athletes and beauty gurus alike, there’s no denying that ice-cold treatment is far more than a hot trend.

Cryo Facials involve the rapid cooling of the skin to increase the flow of blood to the face, bringing more nutrients and oxygen to reduce puffiness and inflammation, and assisting in allergy relief. Pores are tightened and skin is firmed as increased lymphatic drainage occurs.  Cell metabolism is boosted allowing for skin renewal and increased collagen production, to reveal a more youthful and radiant complexion.

This beauty secret and non-invasive treatment reveals instant results without the after-effects of redness and breakouts we often experience after a regular facial. The even better news is that it can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home using Oxygen’s very own Cryo Facial Tool.

No expertise necessary, just 3 simple steps:

1) Put the tools in the freezer overnight before use.

2) Roll inwards and outwards across the skin (10-20 times for maximum efficacy)
3) Allow skin to de-buff by covering eye area for 7-10 seconds

You can thank us later