Ice Rolling Is The Latest Skincare Trend You Can Try At Home


Keeping up with the latest skincare trends isn’t easy. Unlike many celebrities and Instagram influencers, the everyday gal doesn’t have the time (or funding) to be nipping off to London’s top facialists each week. Thankfully, the most recent trend to hit the scene doesn’t cost the earth and can be practised in the comfort of your own home. Meet the Jade Roller’s Antarctic sibling, the ice roller.

What is an ice roller?
An ice roller is a beauty tool that combines facial massaging with cool temperatures. A little more sophisticated than an ice cube in hand, it is filled with a gel and water formula that turns to ice upon freezing. This stops the ice from melting as quick when applied to the skin, giving you more time to reap the rewards.

What are the benefits?
Ice rolling claims to benefit the skin’s radiance by increasing blood flow to the surface and boosting circulation. Plus, the cooling effect instantly helps reduce puffiness and redness to promote a calm complexion.

How do I use one?
The same techniques apply with an ice roller as with any other facial massaging tool, such as a Jade roller. Use zig zag like patterns in upward motions with gentle pressure across the face, neck and décolletage.

How often should I use?
You can ice roll as little or as often as you like. It is the perfect component to a wake-me-up skincare routine first thing in the morning or as a selfcare Sunday treat.