In Bloom Drops Q&A


This month marks a year since restrictions began, making overseas travel seem a distant memory. With much uncertainty as to when we can hop to the next dreamy destination still in force, it’s time to bring those dreamy destinations to you. Our extraordinarily globalised world has blessed us with insight into the traditions and rituals of various cultures, whether that be sushi from Japan or berets from France.

So immerse yourself in foreign culture and live vicariously through your beauty products which originate far from your bathroom cupboard.

We spoke with the founders of In Bloom Drops regarding the brand’s Persian roots and influence:

What was your inspiration behind In Bloom Drops?

In bloom drops was founded in 2019 by Golnaz Ashtiani and Stephanie Abrishamchi 

The story began with friends and founders personal interest in all things wellness. 

Golnaz’s desire to travel to far away places and cultures encouraged her to start her journey with her home country Iran where she discovered the art of herbal distillation.

Travelling through the ancient cities of Shiraz, Ispahan and Kashan, the map of exotic flavours reimagined by Golnaz. 

The history of ‘herbal distillation and traditional medicine in Iran or better-said Ancient Persia goes back to thousands years. There are more than 8,000 medicinal plants documented by Avicenna, the father of modern medicine of the Middle East. He wrote books on herbalism and traditional medicine. While western cultures tend to see this ancient practice as ‘alternative’ treatment today, the more traditional medicinal practices retain a prominent status in modern Iran. 

After months of extensive research on herbs and their benefits their vision of pure hydration 'on the go' came to life. Golnaz gathered information from ancient Persian manuscripts and scientific research papers on the benefits of these herbs and Stephanie got busy creating a sustainable alternative to the so called ‘healthy drinks’ that are offered in cans and plastic bottles.

Where does each of the names come from?

Each blend represents the origins to which the particular herbs are harvested or grown. Persia - (cardamom and cinnamon) is the anomaly to this and was named after the oldest ancient civilisation as these particular herbs are so prominent in modern day Iran delicacies, both savoury and sweet. 

What does Golnaz miss most about Persia? 

Golnaz loves travelling and over the process of building In Bloom Drops reconnected with her homeland - Iran and the history behind herbal distillation. Although Stephanie is not Iranian by birth right, instead by marriage, after living there a few year's has a strong connection to the culture which is so rich in so many ways. From its amazing hospitality, the cuisine and the fruits of it's land... the list is endless. 

Are the drops suitable for all?

The drops are the purest form of herbal water. Each blend has the ability to not only encourage hydration through their unique tastes and aromas but also create a positive impact on your overall wellbeing. They are not just for the conscious wellness junkie but have benefits to the whole family. For Instance,  SHIRAZ - Orange Blossom, rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and antioxidants, is known to have a soothing effect on the body, Stephanie add's this particular blend it into her daughter's milk before bed to help promote a calming night's sleep. Anyone who has a sweet tooth and continues to crave something sugary after a meal, ( I think we are all guilty of this) can add PERSIA - the cinnamon and cardamom blend into some water and it can assist in reducing sugar cravings. GILAN - the mint blend - is perfect for anyone, mint is both a calming and soothing herb. Although we have suggested times of the day or the occasion to drink a particular blend, they are suited into everyone's daily wellness routine. Hydration is a key factor for everyone at any age and what better to have something the encourages that while being so pure and not full of hidden nasties like other beverage options. There is no particular limit to how much you can drink them. Not to confuse you but they can also be added into cuisine, hot or cold beverages...... there is no limit to the diversity of the product.