Introducing HW.Labs

We caught up with Toby Huntington-Whiteley on his new brand HW.Labs to find out why we should be eating these brilliant gummies everyday.

What inspired you to start HW. Labs?
I've been in the fitness industry since 2013, which is when I first started as a PT. There's always been a conversation with my clients about what supplements to take. They always want to know what I take; I've always taken supplements from an early age. When I was a kid, I always used Berocca in the morning and then at university, I played sport at a very high level, so I needed supplements to support me with that. When I started to model, I also looked into taking the right vitamins to help me look the best, especially my skin. With the clients I train, it's the second most asked question after 'How do I lose fat' – people always want to know what supplements they should take.
Those conversations with my clients got me thinking: 'what can I create to take those questions away?' I wanted something I could recommend to anyone and know it would work for them.
Brainstorming with Noa, we decided to create a supplement brand that would support people's busy lifestyles.
Most of my clients that I train are not necessarily coaching for performance. They're training because they want a healthy life. They want to wake up in the morning and feel good about themselves. They want to go to the gym and tick that box. They want to eat well and tick that box.
Noa has always tried to get into a healthy habit of taking supplements but found it always difficult to sustain with her busy life. She found pills challenging to take would need to take one at a time with water, and then the one day she rushes to leave her apartment to go to work, that's is she would never get back into the habit of them. She would 'yoyo' supplement take never finding a supplement that became habitual.
So we wanted to create a product that complemented all of that and give someone the comfort that they're making a healthy choice to live a healthier life. Customers want a quick fix, and while supplements aren't a quick fix, they are there to support you alongside nutrition.
What nutrients do the Fortify Gummies contain that benefit hair, skin and nails?
Vitamin A: contributes to the maintenance of normal skin
Vitamin B6: contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity
Vitamin B12: Has a role in cell production; therefore, adequate levels are needed to promote healthy hair, skin and nails. A deficiency in B12 has been linking to poor fingernail, skin and hair health.
Vitamin C: contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin + to the protection of cells from oxidative stress
Vitamin D3: contributes to the maintenance of skin healthy, stimulates cell growth, and helps create new hair follicles.
Vitamin E: contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
Biotin: contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and skin.
Selenium: Contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails + to protect cells from oxidative stress.
Zinc: has antimicrobial effects, which means that zinc can help treat bacterial skin conditions such as bacterial acne. Also, a symptom of zinc deficiency is hair loss.
Should they be taken daily?
Yes, Two gummies a day every day best to support your body to perform at its best.
How do you ensure that your products are eco-friendly?
In life, there is no room for waste: we aim to create sustainable products! We will be working hard to make sure nothing is lost.
HW.labs is a network of individuals that stand out for sustainable lifestyle values in every way. We believe that every choice we make has a consequence:
Carbon offsetting.
HW.labs is carbon offsetting to help reduce carbon emissions faster and combat global climate change. We care to work towards health improvement, biodiversity, reforestation and broader social benefits for our community.
Limited stock.
One of the problems with large-scale production is waste! Limited batch production helps HW.labs control the materials used and reduce our environmental footprint. Using small batch production techniques is another way, are tackling the environmental damage caused by consumer goods.
Recyclable packaging.
Packaging is unavoidable: it protects products, preserves them, enhances them, displays essential information, and allows for safe transportation. For this reason, HW.labs makes sure that we package and bottle our gummies in a 100% recyclable way. They come from recycled and reusable materials, which reduces the waste of natural resources for the production process.
Direct to customers, no retailers.
By selling our gummies only directly to you, we can cut unnecessary packaging and transport of goods. This allows a more sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain. It enables us to contribute to our mission by substituting physical shopping with more efficient online shopping and delivery services. We are together taking another step to reduce the unnecessary use of energy and manufactured materials used in traditional retail operations through this adjustment.
Do you plan on releasing new products in the future?
We are currently working on developing our next gummy. We are focusing on gummy vitamins for now and then, later down the line, branch out into different products outside of supplements.
Any additional tips for living a healthy lifestyle?
Guilty pleasures are good for you and are part of any healthy lifestyle. You shouldn't feel guilty about having them. I think to know one should eliminate anything from what they want to eat or drink. We need to stop labelling food 'bad' and 'good'; the problem is when we over-consume.
Yes, spinach is healthy for you, but you can't, eat it all day, every day. On the other hand, Burgers have less-than-ideal nutritional qualities (high in fat, processed carbs, etc. ), but if eaten on occasion, you enjoy them, and they makes you happy. How can that be a 'bad' food? They're nurturing for the mind and soul.