Jewellery Always Fits

Jean shorts and a white-t are just that – simple, classic but oh so boring – until you add that fabulous pearl choker and hoop earrings. Instantaneously your look could be described as laidback chic or understated cool. 

Fashion has changed dramatically through the decades. In the space of 30 years, we’ve moved from vinyl jumpsuits onto onesies and leg warmers to knee-high boots. Who knows what we’ll have in our cupboards in 2025 even? 

But one thing that stands the test of time and never goes out of style is jewellery. That is why there’s a good chance you’ve got a piece you wear religiously that has passed through generations and still looks absolutely fabulous today. 

The exciting revolution in the accessory world is the movement toward more affordable pieces that are made to last, so you can purchase pieces that truly emulate your personality and style without waiting for the next big birthday or anniversary wish list. 

Take a look at our favourite brands stealing the show this season: 

Celeste Starre 

Talis Chains 

Camila Carril