Katie Impey: Housebound With Children

Since lockdown, many of us have had to change our lifestyles completely. Has your routine with your children changed?

Its definitely changed in that we are no longer rushing around to get ready and out of the door to get to school on time. But we are still making sure to get up, washed & dressed for breakfast, ready to start working at 9am.

Do you feel more pressure as a parent in the current situation? For example, keeping routine, home schooling or explaining why we can’t go outside.

My girls have astonished me by how well they’ve adapted to their new circumstances and seem to have a good understanding of why we’re having to stay home. But I definitely feel the pressure to maintain some sort of education, with my youngest due to start school in September, I want to ensure she’s prepared for that.

Has the lockdown impacted your mental health? How are you trying to stay positive?

For me, the uncertainty of the situation has massively increased my anxiety, which I already suffer with occasionally. Also, being pregnant and falling in to at the risk category hasn’t helped, so staying home and minimising my risk of exposure has helped with that.


What would your advice be to parents who may be struggling with their mental health during the lockdown?

There’s a book that really helps with my anxiety called The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. Its all about focusing your mind on the positive aspects of your day/life. I write a gratitude list at the end of each day which really helps to keep a positive mentality and to not feel overwhelmed.

Are there any ‘pros’ to staying at home?

I’m actually relishing the slower pace as I’m usually running around between school runs, appointments, work commitments, etc. Having my husband home has been great too as he usually travels a lot, so we’re getting to more time together as a family, eating meals together and enjoying the weekends without any commitments.

Are you finding time for self-care? If so, how?

One thing I don’t seem to have a lot of time for is myself, what with home schooling, house work, keeping everyone fed and watered, and working from home myself.

Although every day I make sure to get dressed, do something with my hair, and apply some minimal make up. It definitely makes me feel better about myself.

What is your go-to activity when you have ‘me time’?

Yoga is always my go to for mind, body & soul, and is especially important right now to keep me active and calm. I try to do a flow every morning before the day begins, otherwise I just don’t have the time and they day disappears.

How are you keeping your children entertained?

Weekdays we follow a timetable set by school, which we break up with crafts (tie dying has been a particular favourite) or down time on the ipads. Thankfully the weather has been amazing so we’ve spent a lot of time in the garden, going for bike rides or taking walks through our local woods. And my daughter has been making personalised beaded bracelets in her spare time and donating proceeds to the Cavell Nurses Trust.

If your family life during lockdown was a movie title, what would it be?

Groundhog Day!

Finally, what do you wish to remember when looking back at this time? Is there anything you feel you have learnt so far?

I hope we look back on this time with gratitude that we were able to have these weeks together as a family. Its time we’ll never get back.