Le Toy Van : The Perfect Presents for the Kids


There’s no doubt that one of the greatest parenting obstacles is keeping the kids entertained all day. This has become especially tricky with lockdown closures of the go-to pottery café, movie theatres and ballet or soccer club. Add in the winter weather limiting park visits, picnics and playground time and you have yourself a real challenge. Whilst the easiest solution to entertainment may be to hand over to Disney Channel or one of the many iPad games, we all know that too much screen time is not health for children’s development.

However, one of the greatest aspects of childhood innocence is the power of little one’s imaginations- so let their creative minds flow! What to us is a wooden car could be a flying saucer to them, keeping them entertained for hours on end (whilst you can sit back and read that book that you haven’t had time to finish the first chapter of). Le Toy Van was founded to maximise development through traditional play with wooden toys that stimulate and excite the imagination. Their multi-award winning toys are designed for long-lasting play and to become family favourites, passed down from generation to generation. Each toy is designed with love and is made of ethically sourced, sustainable materials. And… looks fabulous in the home too!

So sit back, relax and let your kids do the playing! Thank us later.