Learning To Cope With Migraines with Dr. Elena Gross

Understanding what a migraine actually is is the first step to figuring out how to learn how to cope with them. The first mistake many people make is assuming a headache is the same thing as a migraine.  

Dr Elena Gross explains that "what migraine attacks mean is difficult for those spared from it to understand." Essentially, they are way more than just a headache. "They are characterised by recurrent moderate to severe, typically throbbing and unilateral headache attacks that last between 4-72h." 

So, what can they be triggered by? Any sort of physical activity, fasting, exercise, dehydration, alcohol, intensive visual stimuli, toxins from cigarettes or perfumes, hormonal fluctuations, stress and more. "They can (even) be accompanied by photo-, phono-, or osmophobia, nausea, aura and so much more." Dr Elena Gross states that with a "happy mitochondria, we have a happy brain, which leads to less migraine". 

Find or Create a Calm Environment

If you find yourself experiencing an onset of migraine symptoms, the first thing you should do is find yourself a calm environment (or create one yourself). You can achieve this by sitting in a dark room, outside with some fresh air, or in your bedroom trying to fall into a meditative state. View all of our calming products at our Boutique here.

Consider Taking Supplements

Taking supplements can be a game-changer for migraines. As they can be debilitating for some people, there may be dietary supplements that could help reduce the frequency or severity of attacks. Some research supports that vitamin B2, magnesium, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10, and melatonin may help to prevent or treat migraine. To view all of our supplements at our Boutique, click here.

Ensure You're Getting Enough Sleep

Struggling to sleep? Lack of it might actually be the cause for a trigger of a migraine. We know sleep is different for everyone, but it's factual that without it, our brains will suffer tremendously. Whether it's a strict night-time routine, consisting of dim lighting and a good book, or a soak in the bath (unfragranced!) and your favourite TV show, we're sure to have products that can help you along your way to a better night's sleep. View our Sleep segment here.

For more tips, research and advice on how to prevent migraines, visit Dr Elena Gross' Instagram here.