Leila Kashanipour: Housebound with Children


1. Since lockdown, many of us have had to change our lifestyles completely. Has your routine with your children changed?

How can it not change is the real question :) I am a planner by nature, and like many of us busy moms I know my plans weeks ahead. I leave 2/3 hours in the morning for myself. That’s when Caspian goes to pre-nursery. HOWEVER, with the new ‘normal’, we no longer have any help -for their safety & ours. That means I have to entertain my 2 year old son, whilst taking care of my baby girl. The housework in itself is a full time job! And the intense cleaning protocol after each delivery is tiring & time consuming.

Having said all that, I am closer than ever to my family. We have lots of fun and I am present 24/7. We have a roof above our head, are safe and healthy at home so the ‘hardships’ if you can even call it that, are nothing compared to what some are going through.

2. Do you feel more pressure as a parent in the current situation? For example, keeping routine, home schooling or explaining why we can’t go outside.

My girl has just turned three months. And my son is too young to understand this pandemic, he’s not missing out on school either.  Education wise he is always learning & discovering. I am a strong believer that if your kids feel your love, they will thrive... Emotionally, intellectually and as a result academically.

The only thing that slightly worries me is the lack of social interaction with other kids and grownups, should this lockdown continue for much longer...

3. Has the lockdown impacted your mental health? How are you trying to stay positive?

I wouldn’t say it has. Of course there is a huge constraint in doing things differently. I’m just simply grateful for what we have and my little family keeps me happy, grounded and extremely busy.

It’s my personality to analyse, accept, adapt and work around things when faced with a problem. No matter how small or big & global that problem is.
I am keeping positive as I believe this too shall pass and whilst it’s here, I will make the best of it. Whether it’s to tick off things on that to do list, get back to exercising, cooking or making memories with my kids. I am living in the present.


4. What would your advice be to parents who may be struggling with their mental health during the lockdown?

I am no expert, but what helps me is to stay informed, updated & vigilant but not too consumed with the negativity that circulates in the news or on social media.
By doing so I feel calmer as a mother and that reflects in my kids’ behaviour.

5. Are there any ‘pros’ to staying at home?

-My kids get to see their dad all day. Even if he’s insanely busy, he’s physically at home.
-I’ve decluttered, closet cleansed & organised every drawer, cabinet & room vigorously.
-Some self love & pampering takes place in the evenings... and we all deserve that me-time so much!
-Being in lockdown means more home cooked meals, which means being more mindful of what we eat.
-And I finally started working out again thanks to all the incredible content available online! I’m loving Melissa Woodhealth & Boxerina workouts currently.

8. How are you keeping your children entertained?

They keep us entertained! My son is just over two years of age, so we let him play a lot. He’s very much into pretend play, reading/telling/hearing stories and running around. So through what he likes I try to teach him new things every day.
With my daughter she’s a baby so her routine is very predictable; wake up, feed, change, sleep... repeat.

9. If your family life during lockdown was a movie title, what would it be?

Beautiful Chaos

10. Finally, what do you wish to remember when looking back at this time? Is there anything you feel you have learnt so far?

Yes plenty!
-I am much more patient that what I thought.
-So many things can be done at home.
-how quickly things can change.
-Doctors, nurses and servicemen are heroes.
-We are more capable than what we think.
-We can live with so much less, and the era of consumerism needs to get more elegant.
-A positive approach sets the tone differently in any scenario.
-We are creatures of habit, and our nature is to adapt.
-And lastly, humans are not given problems they can’t solve. Entirely.