London's Quirkiest Spa Treatments

fun spa treatments
Everyone loves a luxurious spa treatment and if your routine consists of a facial and a pedicure once a month, it might be time to try something new. Would you ever wrap yourself in champagne (literally) or have an invigorating 4-handed massage with Eucalyptus leaves?  If this sounds intriguing and you’re someone who’s willing to try anything once, here’s a list of the quirkiest spa treatments London has to offer.
face gym
It’s a workout, not a facial. It kneads, tones and strengthens the 40 muscles in our face that we never use, to tighten it up without a needle in sight. The Clean and Lift treatment combats polluted skin, leaving it plump and sparkling.
£75 for 40 minutes, Face Gym, book here
jelly pedicure
Think of a normal pedicure but instead of water, it’s pearls of jelly. This treatment is a super effective pedicure that keeps hydration for weeks after. Sugar crystals are added to warm water and transform to jelly before your eyes and soaks the skin leaving it velvety smooth. 
£60 for 55 minutes, K West Hotel & Spa, call 020 8008 6600 to book
tactile sound therapy
Said to be the equivalent of 6 hours of sleep, Spa Illuminata’s sound therapy will bring you into a state of deep relaxation. While your therapist massages your head and neck, gentle harmonic vibrations will be playing to induce you into a state of complete rest and mindfulness.
£50 for 30 minutes, Spa Illuminata, book here
Russian Parenie Massage
This 4-handed massage treatment is held in an authentic Russian steam sauna. You’ll be swathed in hot leaves and "pummelled” by a bundle of herbs, known as venik. Don’t expect a typically tranquil spa experience as it’s a lot more invigorating and, needless to say, it’s a truly quirky experience.
£60 for 10 minutes, Banya No 1, call 020 7253 6723 to book
champagne body wrap
The gold fine body wrap with champagne and grape is all about luxury and finesse. It helps counter all visible signs of ageing and leaves your skin oh-so silky soft. The extracts of champagne are rich in active ingredients, will nourish deep into your skin and is the ultimate pampering experience.
£150 for 75 minutes, The Berkeley Health Club Spa, call 020 7201 1699 to book