Meet The Crazy Cool Mini Fridge For Your Skincare

Skincare Fridge by Teami Blends

Don’t worry. We haven’t gone completely mad with a bizarre collaboration with Currys PC World to start stocking kitchen appliances. However, we do stock fridges, for your skincare that is. Still confused? Let us explain.

Teami Blends, the tea inspired wellness and skincare brand, have created their own mini skincare fridge in which to store your favourite products. For what may sound like a wacky concept, it makes a lot more sense than you’d first expect. Keeping your skincare cool can host a whole load of benefits. Products will feel cooler when applied, offering additional depuffing, rejuvenating and revitalising effects, and can help calm irritated skin. Not only this but controlling the temperature of your products can extend their shelf life (because no one likes wasting skincare). This is particularly important if you use products formulated from natural ingredients, like Teami Blends. Their range contains no chemicals, preservatives or dyes, meaning the shelf life can be half that of their chemical-filled counterparts. However, storing your natural skincare in a fridge can lengthen the shelf life by an incredible 40%, who knew?!

Thanks to Teami Blends we don’t have to keep our moisturisers and serums next to the half empty bottle of ketchup or risk a family member accidentally serving a side of skincare with their dinner. It’s all safe in our very own skincare fridge, along with a few emergency snacks of course.