Mental Health Awareness Week


Mental Health Awareness Week is between 10-16th May this year- and the theme is nature.

The pandemic had drastic impacts on mental health across the globe, and nature was where many of us were able to find relief from the stresses and pressures of issues stemming around uncertainty, poor health and lack of connection. Over 45% of us were able to find some peace from taking time to be outside in green space or go for walks in nature.

With lockdown restrictions and better weather- there couldn’t be a better time to start enjoying the great outdoors!

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s special theme, we’ve put together some top tips and favourite natural products to boost your emotional wellbeing this month:

  1. Take 5 minutes each day to sit alone outside and breathe deeply (umbrella optional)
  2. Choose routes to your destination that allow you to walk/ cycle through or alongside green space
  3. Move your at-home workout outside
  4. Move meet-ups at restaurants and bars to picnics in the park instead