Most Instagrammable Spots Around the World

instagrammable places
It is the melting pot that blends together the fashion bloggers, the food enthusiasts, the fitness gurus, the travel junkies and ultimately unique individuals who are addicted to sharing their stories through the visual experience that is, Instagram. Whatever your presence may be, active users are not afraid to admit just how deeply satisfying it feels to discover anextremely instagram worthy spot. Whether you’re a traveller that’s exploring super cool,picture perfect destinations around the globe or you’re a blogger seeking out a trendy backdrop to compliment your outfit of the day, capturing an image that is nothing less than eye-catching is the ultimate Instagram goal. 
So whenever you find yourself roaming through the streets of Paris in hopes of hunting down the perfect petit dejeuner, or you’re gallivanting around London in a super cute summer dress desperate to find the ideal spot for a #ootd post, then please refer to this list of the mostinstagrammable spots around the world. 
Whether a good cup of coffee is something your day simply could not live without or you’re super into trendy décor and a catchy slogan, then Alfred in LA is definitely the spot that’s missing from your Insta feed. You will find Alfred’s famous catchphrase of "But first, coffee” virtually everywhere throughout the shop, from the sleeves of your coffee cup to its lit up sign on the wall. All in all, creating the perfect opportunity to capture a super hip pic for your Instagram. 
alfred los angles
Pretty in pink, feminine and sweet is what comes to mind when thinking of the beautiful little cake shop that is Peggy Porschen Cakes in London. From the gorgeous floral décor to the baby pink painted exterior storefront, this cake shop will satisfy all your Instagram needs, especially if you’re a fashionista or foodie. Its charming interior and exterior designs, adorable cakes and overall visually appealing aesthetics, will have you smitten and snappingaway for that new Instagram post. 
peggy porshen cakes
Pink and green with all kinds of tasty matcha treats in between. Chacha Matcha in New York is not only a special place to indulge in some delicious Japanese matcha drinks and bites but also a very hot spot for taking visually pleasing photos. With delightful pink and green table tops, decorative matcha latte designs, beautifully colored soft serves and cute napkins that read "I love you so Matcha”, you will have no troubles capturing a picture perfect Instagram.
chacha matcha new york
Café de Flore paints the picture of what a true Parisian café experience is with its inviting and picturesque front exterior and gorgeous selection of French foods and pastries. It is no wonder that it is such a major photo-taking hub for fashion, travel and lifestyle bloggers. It is hard to resist capturing the flawless table presentation of a couple croissants accompanied by a selection of mini jams and a café au lait. This spot will surely catch the eyes of your followers and keep your feed looking highly attractive. 
cafe de flore paris