Need Help Styling Suits? We’ve Cracked The Code


Suits have placed their feet firmly in the fashion sand, making an appearance right the way from catwalk to high street. But styling these tricky two-pieces isn’t as easy as it seems. In a world away from high fashion where feeling over (or under) dressed is a real thing, how you style a suit is more important than ever. Lucky for you, we’ve cracked the code to fail-safe suit styling. Apply these rules and you’ll be a fashion aficionado in no time.

Ditch the shirt

While the classic button up shirt is an obvious pairing for a suit, we want you to go against the grain. Adding a shirt to an already formal, tailored outfit runs the risk of looking too corporate. Instead, try adding a basic tee. Plain or graphic, the choice is yours. It adds a chic, relaxed twist and allows your suit to do all the talking. If you’re worried about tipping the scale and looking too informal, check out our next point…

Pay attention to what’s on your feet

When it comes to suits, footwear matters. It can make or break the dress code you’re aiming for (t-shirt or no t-shirt). While a pair of chunky trainers are an excellent choice for a more casual, off-duty look, a suit can be transformed when paired with heels. Mixing up your accessories is also an effortless way to take an outfit from super smart to totally chilled.

Take note of tailoring

We’re not all made the same, and neither are suits. Pay attention to what suits your shape, whether that be drawn in at the waist for oval-shaped bodies or accentuated shoulder pads for triangle shaped. If in doubt, go for universally flattering tailoring, such as a straight-leg trouser. But it’s best to try on a few styles and decipher what works for you.

With all this under your belt (and suit), you’re ready to get styling! Here are our favourite suit pieces for some inspiration.