NEUBRIA – Bright Mind Living

Feeling stressed? Struggling to focus? Hectic schedule? You’re not alone. In the UK we work some of the longest hours in Europe and with people cramming more into their schedules than ever before, our fast-paced lives are not without cost.  

We get it, life is complicated. We want to accomplish everything, and we want to accomplish it now. But our time is finite and if we’re not feeling healthy inside and out, that list of goals will become nothing more than a paper dream. So, if you’re looking to perform at your best and optimise your day, read on.  

Research shows that peak physical and mental performance whether at work, in sport or in day-to-day life involves several essential cognitive skills such has decision making, coordination and reaction time. In short, the mind is our most powerful asset and brain health is vital for all of us.  

Independent research conducted for Neubria — the creators of a range of revolutionary nootropic supplements, combining botanical extracts and nutrients proven to support brain health and function — confirms that brain health is definitely on our minds. The survey of over 1,500 adults found half were concerned by their long-term brain health, 65% don’t feel cognitively sharp and 57% feel that their cognitive function is in decline.  

The Neubria data also found that two-thirds surveyed do puzzles in an effort to keep their brains sharp, yet only a third consider the impact of diet on brain health — despite overwhelming evidence of the importance of nutrition. 

All vitamins are needed in adequate amounts for an optimally functioning brain, the same goes for minerals such as magnesium, selenium, iodine, zinc, iron and, of course omega-3 fatty acids. But a healthy diet alone isn’t always enough to get all the nutrients you need to optimise your brain health. Processed foods, depleted soils, stress, pollution, and medications are just a few of the factors of modern life that can impact healthy brain function.  

This is where Neubria can help. Their range of cutting-edge natural botanical formulas were born out of extensive research undertaken by a Scientific Board of experts in the fields of neuroscience, medicine, human performance and nutrition. So, whether you’re looking to fill any nutritional gaps, enhance energy, power focus, soothe stress or improve sleep quality, they have a product for you!  

Are you ready to optimise your day?