Neubria Q&A

The past year has left the world more cautious regarding the preservation of their health than ever before, as we cautiously constantly apply sanitizer, avoid others in risk of infection and frantically google immune boosting foods and supplements.

However, the pandemic has taken a huge toll on the greatest foundation of human health: sleep. As levels of anxiety and stress have risen, normal schedules have been abandoned and our exposure to blue light through digital devices has increased, so have the levels of insomnia. In the UK alone, since the start of the pandemic sleeplessness now affects one in four people- the highest rise amongst key workers and mothers with young children.

Sleep is absolutely essential for the maintenance of physical and mental health. Not getting enough shuteye can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure, obesity, depression, lower immunity and decreased sex drive. Ladies- it can also take a great toll on your appearance- and we’re not just talking the dark eye circles. A lack of sleep increases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which breaks down collagen and results in premature wrinkling.

So we spoke to natural sleep aid experts at Neubria regarding the famous Drift supplement to discover how we can increase our forty winks without the harmful over-the-counter pills:

Is Neubria Drift Supplement appropriate for all ages? 

Drift is suitable for everyone above the age of 12.

Are natural sleep supplements safe to take every night? 

Drift is safe to take every night as the key ingredients such as tryptophan are used by the body in the daytime to produce neurotransmitters that can improve nerve communication in the brain, such as serotonin which can help maintain a positive mood and at night is converted into the sleep hormone melatonin. Other ingredients such as magnesium, vitamin D and folic acid are present in doses that will optimise the levels of these important micronutrients in the body as well as helping deliver healthful sleep. All of the concentrated botanicals used in the bliss botanical complex, such as saffron, hops lemon balm and chamomile are traditionally extensively used in herbal teas that are commonly taken to help induce and maintain sleep

Your ingredients include Hops, Magnesium and Tryptophan. How do these help sleep? 

Tryptophan is converted into the body at night into the sleep hormone melatonin, which helps induce sleep naturally. Absorption of the amino acid tryptophan is often compromised when rich protein sources of food are consumed together, meaning that it might not be present at optimal levels in the evening. Magnesium has been shown to be significantly depleted in many adults, as a result of low intake in a varied diet and has been demonstrated to help relax muscles and the mind prior to sleep. The herbs used in Drift are all traditionally used to help with sleep.

Does everyone require different numbers of hours of sleep or should we all be getting the recommended 8 hours? 

Ideally, 8 hours is the optimal amount of sleep, but needs to vary dependent upon the individual and factors such as age and lifestyle. However, the important issue is to get good quality sleep with the right amounts of deep and dreaming sleep especially important. Drift has been especially formulated to deliver essential ingredients that can support the different phases of sleep end ensure users wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, and without the “hangover” side effects often associated with sleep remedies.  

How does blue light exposure affect sleep? 

The brain needs darkness to produce the sleep hormone melatonin. Blue light acts as a stimulus to the optic nerves-even when the eyes a closed-that prevents this from happening. Also blue light is associated with electronic devices that can act as distraction to prevent people from falling asleep naturally. 

Do you have any particular sleep tips alongside the supplement? 

Every pack of drift has a leaflet included with lots of practical advice to help deliver a good night’s sleep. This includes information about sleep hygiene, eating and drinking before bedtime and relaxation techniques that can help get the body ready for sleep. Because sleep isn’t a luxury, but an essential element of wellbeing, Neubria seek to deliver helpful advice to optimise this important facet of a healthy life.