New Beauty Tools With Hayo’u

More and more people are turning to nature for beauty solutions. Whether it be a plant-derived moisturiser, bamboo toothbrush or organic cotton face cloth, we’re out with the old and unsustainable and in with the not-so-new natural. In fact, health & wellness brand Hayo’u look far into the past for inspiration to fuel their ground-breaking line of beauty tools.

The Hayo’u method condenses the wisdom of Chinese medicine into three easy steps that will change your life.  Restore, reset and rescue. These rituals assist the body’s natural processes and allow it to work at its full potential, requiring little more commitment than your daily skincare routine. Many of Hayo’u’s rituals are performed using one of their perfectly crafted beauty tools, specially created to support and maximise the results of the one-minute practices.

Here is an insight into their newest range and your ticket to new and sustainable beauty habits.

Step one: RESTORE with the Beauty Restorer Precision Contouring Tool

This jade facial contouring tool combines the benefits of Gua Sha with precision, allowing you to accurately target fine lines and wrinkles around the eye and lip area. While boosting collagen and elastin, using this tool can also mobilise scar tissue and reduce the appearance of visible aging such as crow’s feet. Skin will feel rejuvenated and appear more youthful as you prepare for the second step of the Hayo’u method.


Beauty Restorer Comb

Use this comb across the scalp to promote healthy hair and relieve tension. You can also use across the body to target areas of cellulite, easy the sensation of heavy legs and support lymphatic drainage.


Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer

In Chinese philosophy, Rose Quartz is believed to support heart energy and love. This tool is perfectly shaped to glide along facial contours to lift, plump and sculpt the skin while boosting collagen and elastin. Use every morning to reduce visible signs of aging and achieve a beautifully radiant complexion.

Step two: RESET with the Bamboo Body Tapper

Inspired by the ancient Chinese massage method of Pai Sha, this ritual involves firmly tapping the skin with the bamboo tool to invigorate and release tension. This calming yet energising practise is performed over the entire body and can provide an immediate boost of energy alongside glowing, radiant skin.

Step three: RESCUE

A meditative release of stress, tension and negativity. This one-minute breathing ritual leaves you feeling calm, grounded and positive, so much so that only a good day can follow.