New Brand Alert: Gallinée

If we accomplish one thing this Spring, it’ll be glowing skin from cleaning out our skincare cabinet and starting afresh. Our new brand Gallinée is the newest addition to our regime, and we’re not mad about it. Being the first brand to look after the skin’s protective ecosystem – the microbiome, Gallinée is the brainchild of Dr Marie Drago, who has over 15 years’ experience working for successful and innovative skincare brands. Having completed extensive research on the microbiome, Drago realised the  enormous potential, and benefits, of harnessing helpful bacteria. Consequently, Gallinée is created.
The thought of using bacteria in our skincare, at first glance, is something that makes our inner clean freak shudder a little bit. Of course, after a cup of tea and some deep breathes,  we have to come to terms with the realisation that some bacteria is actually good for us and is harmless. A bit like the 3 second rule when you accidentally drop the last chocolate button... that may or may turn into a 5 or 7 second rule. We won’t tell if you don’t. 
The microbiome is just another name for all the good bacteria (on our skin, not the chocolate button) that in turn, protect and reinforce our skins natural barrier. Come extreme weather, heavy pollution, or just the relentlessness that is modern day life, our skin’s microbiome becomes damaged. This can lead to dry, irritated and sensitive skin, which is where Gallinée comes in. The products enhance and nurse the microbiome that is already there, effectively giving your skin the boost it needs without any of the unnecessary additives like colourants, parabens or silicones.
The use of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics, is somewhat unexplored territory for skincare. It’s no news that these three biotics are used regularly in medicines and other health related products and food (see below for quick definitions of pre, pro and post biotics), but understanding that our skin is full of bacteria, whether we like it or not, is the key to getting our fresh, spring cleaned skin. Just like how probiotics can treat and prevent stomach problems, the topical version also acts as a calming agent, utilising the good bacteria and microorganisms that are already living and breathing on our skin. Meaning that it is perfect for everyone, whether you have normal/combination skin, sensitive dry skin or acne-prone skin.
"The bacteria cell content interacts with receptors to modulate the immune response and this really helps soothe inflammation in the skin… With our over-clean modern lifestyle, this ecosystem is often damaged and can result in dry, stressed, sensitive skin. Bringing probiotics and prebiotics into the equation can help rebuild this healthy skin ecosystem, giving you back the glowing skin you're supposed to have.'”
-Dr. Marie Drago, creator of Gallinée.
What more could you want from your skincare routine?
Probiotic: any micro-organism that is beneficial to us. The good bacteria and microorganisms that keep our body healthy. They strengthen the skin microbiome and sooth for sensitive skin and other skin conditions. 
Prebiotic: a natural nutrient that helps the growth of probiotics. The aim of having these in skincare products is to feed the good bacteria and starve out the bad bacteria, leaving you with fresh, glowing skin.
Postbiotic (also known as lactic acid): naturally produced by some of our good bacteria, it provides the optimal environment for your microbiome to thrive while fending off the bad bacteria. It also softens the skin too.