New Season Treats Worth Your Wages

Your wages are precious. And if you’re taking caution when spending them, we don’t blame you. After all, there’s no fun forking out your hard-earned cash on something only to be disappointed. It’s a lot harder to live with the ‘regret nothing’ mantra when you just spent £40.00 on a lipstick that, when you got home, realised really isn’t your colour. So, to assist your in making purchases you’ll be proud of, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite products that are more than worth their price tags. FYI, retail therapy is a real thing.



A great pair of boots is an investment. The Nanette manages to balance weight perfectly. They have the sought-after chunky aesthetic while maintaining a lightweight and wearable feel. Similarly, the thick commando soul imitates that of a classic hiking boot, but without being stiff and restricting. They are also crafted from Colorado leather, assuring us of their longevity for both style and endurance.


Hoodie £495.00 Bottoms £305.00

Meet Love Shack Fancy’s ludicrously comfortable loungewear set. Their generous, relaxed fit sweater is an alpaca-merino blend coloured with a sea of ombre pastels. To match, drawstring joggers with a ribbed, elastic waistband and cuffs. So stylish it would be a crime to confine yourself to home when wearing. The ultimate scenario? To the airport.



MZ Skin has a track record of producing incredible skincare, often finding themselves backstage at fashion shows, winning awards and being listed in Serena William’s skincare routine. Their latest product is a lightweight night serum that uses retinol to smooth and repair the skin’s surface. Retinol is praised for its ability to boost collagen production, improve texture, assist the skins natural repair process and improve signs of aging. This Skin Booster contains a high strength of 2% to amp up the radiance. Not suitable for those who are pregnant.



Treating yourself to something you love doesn’t always have to cost the earth. In fact, sometimes twenty quid is all it takes. This facial roller contains a unique crystal called the “Master Healer” for its powerful healing, positive energy and relaxing properties. Use this tool daily following a face roller ritual to help reduce signs of aging, contour, calm the complexion and to get the most out of your skincare products. Top tip: Pop it in the fridge for a cooling experience!



Golden Goose sneakers need little introduction. Unique, innovative and inexplicably cool, if you love fashion there is no other way to spend your earnings. This pair is taking on-trend animal print into next season, all distressed and effortless in the Golden Goose way.


You know that overwhelming feeling when you see something so magical you could almost shed a tear? That’s how we felt when we saw Rococo Sand’s Avana Dress (leave us alone, we’re fashion freaks here!). This technicolour leopard print maxi dress features a beautifully elongating silhouette and balloon sleeves, forgive us while we wear it everywhere.